Whistler Bike Park Suspension Setup Clinics - various dates


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The best suspension in the world is only as good as its setup! We are now offering day-long suspension setup clinics in the Whistler Bike Park. These clinics are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to improve your bike's ride quality without breaking the bank.

Why is it worth your while?

  • You have full access to our years of experience and thorough understanding of suspension theory and practice
  • Regimented, blind setup eliminates confirmation bias and ensures feedback is honest
  • Our intimate familiarity with the workings of almost every fork and shock on the market ensures we are making the right adjustments at the right times
  • We understand the varying requirements of different riders on different terrain, and can help you set up accordingly. There is no cookie-cutter approach; novice riders require different setups to advanced riders, people riding jump trails all day have different priorities to those riding steep tech trails all day, and physically stronger riders often prefer firmer, more aggressive setups that can feel harsher to riders without the same degree of strength.
  • All ability levels are catered for, from novices all the way to world cup racers. Setup is completely professional and non-judgmental; there is no such thing as "not being good enough" for well set-up suspension.

How does it work?

The setup clinic typically takes approximately 4-6 hours all told - more or less depending on how long it takes to achieve your desired setup. We recommend that you visit our Function Junction workshop on a day prior to the clinic, to check your sag & spring rates before we begin to adjust your suspension on the trail.

The reason we recommend this is that spring rates are a huge part of suspension setup - by far the most important factor! If we do not believe that your spring rates are appropriate before beginning trailside, we will advise you to change them. We have a range of fork and shock springs on hand in our workshop to facilitate this. Please note that if we advise you to change springs due to excessively firm or soft rates and you opt not to, we may also decline to continue the setup clinic with you if we believe that we will be unable to achieve a satisfactory setup with your existing spring rates - they are that important.

On the day of the setup clinic, we will meet outside Garbanzo Bike & Bean (opposite the Whistler Village Gondola) at 10am to begin trail testing. You will ride a warm-up lap of the trail of your choice, then pick one or two trails to test on for the day to ensure consistency. Most riders will do 6-10 runs over the course of the day. After each run, your feedback is noted down, and we make adjustments without telling you what adjustment has been made until after the subsequent run. This prevents confirmation bias, which means your perception of your suspension performance is not hampered by what you expect to feel. We will continue on until 5pm, unless either the best possible setup has been reached or you are too tired to continue.

What can I expect to get out of this?

You can reasonably expect your suspension to be adjusted to its highest level of performance as far as its performance envelope will allow. What this means is that not all suspension is created equal - a clapped out 10 year old fork cannot reasonably be expected to achieve the same levels of performance as a current model, top-end fork, for example. Likewise, lower-spec forks and shocks have simpler dampers and spring systems, as well as fewer external adjustments, meaning they can hit a performance ceiling where improvement requires better design rather than better setup.

In any case, should you participate in this clinic, we guarantee a noticeable improvement in your suspension performance, or your money back!

$126 per person, including GST.