Vorsprung Air Volume Spacers


Stock Update July 24th: Float X kits currently out of stock. Expected restock date: August 10th.

Need to adjust the end stroke ramp up of your Fox Float rear shock? Vorsprung AVS (Air Volume Spacer) kits are now available!

Each Vorsprung AVS kit includes 3 spacers (small, medium and large) that simply snap into place underneath your bottom-out plate inside the air sleeve. They are compatible with both the Vorsprung Corset air sleeve, and stock Fox air sleeves.

Currently available in 5 configurations:

  • Float RP-series. This fits Float R, RP2, RP23, Triad and RPL.
  • Float CTD/DPS-series LV. This fits the LARGE VOLUME (LV) sleeve CTD and DPS shocks only, as well as our LV (large diameter eyelet) Corsets. It is not compatible with SV-size CTD/DPS shocks.
  • Float CTD/DPS-series SV. This fits the SMALL VOLUME (SV) sleeve CTD and DPS shocks.
  • Float X. This fits the Float X only.
  • DHX Air

Each kit is $30CAD + postage. Available for pickup from our Whistler workshop, or shipped worldwide.

Installation of the AVS Kit: 
Installation instructions: Click Here.
Running a Corset? Read the installation/removal instructions for these too - there are a couple of minor differences in removal of the Corset as compared to a stock Fox air sleeve. Click Here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are these for?
    Volume spacers are used to adjust the ending-stroke ramp up of an air shock. As the shock compresses, it compresses air into a small spacer. Volume spacers occupy some of that space, meaning the air is compressed into an even smaller space, resulting in a higher pressure. The bigger the spacer, the stronger the ending-stroke ramp will be.

  2. What if my shock already has a volume spacer in it?
    Many shocks come with a volume spacer already installed from the factory, which is tuned to suit that particular bike, for their estimation of an average rider. Usually, that configuration is reasonably appropriate for a lot of riders. However, if you've purchased a shock aftermarket, swapped it from a different bike, or upgraded to a Corset air sleeve, you will quite likely wish to play with the air volume.

  3. My shock has too much sag if I set it up to be able to get full travel, what do I do?
    Swap out your existing volume spacer for a smaller one - or if you have the smallest one already installed, remove it altogether. Combine this with a higher air pressure and you'll reduce sag as well as making sure you can still use the end of the travel. Adding a volume spacer alone will not have any significant effect on sag!

  4. My shock feels overly stiff but still bottoms out too easily, what do I do?
    Install a larger volume spacer and slightly decrease air pressure. This will increase ending-stroke ramp, but soften the first half of the stroke.

  5. I've just upgraded my stock air sleeve to a Corset, and there is a volume spacer already in my shock. Should I leave it there, or swap it for something else?
    It depends on your existing sleeve configuration. Check out the recommended starting points towards the bottom of our Corset Installation & Setup page - Click Here.

  6. Will these fit my Monarch/Cane Creek/non-Fox shock?
    Unfortunately not! They are however able to be thrown at the back of your annoying co-worker's head without inflicting too much damage.