Vorsprung AVS - Air Volume Spacer Kits


Need to adjust the end stroke ramp up of your Fox Float rear shock? Vorsprung AVS (Air Volume Spacer) kits are now available!

Each Vorsprung AVS kit includes 3 spacers (small, medium and large) that simply snap into place underneath your bottom-out plate inside the air sleeve. They are compatible with both the Vorsprung Corset air sleeve, and stock Fox air sleeves.

Currently available in 5 configurations:

  • Float RP-series. This fits Float R, RP2, RP23, Triad and RPL.
  • Float CTD/DPS-series LV. This fits the LARGE VOLUME (LV) sleeve CTD and DPS shocks only, as well as our LV (large diameter eyelet) Corsets. It is not compatible with SV-size CTD/DPS shocks.
  • Float CTD/DPS-series SV. This fits the SMALL VOLUME (SV) sleeve CTD and DPS shocks.
  • Float X. This fits the Float X only.
  • DHX Air

Each kit is $30CAD + postage. Available for pickup from our Whistler workshop, or shipped worldwide.

Installation of the AVS Kit: 
Installation instructions: Click Here.
Running a Corset? Read the installation/removal instructions for these too - there are a couple of minor differences in removal of the Corset as compared to a stock Fox air sleeve. Click Here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are these for?
    Volume spacers are used to adjust the ending-stroke ramp up of an air shock. As the shock compresses, it compresses air into a small spacer. Volume spacers occupy some of that space, meaning the air is compressed into an even smaller space, resulting in a higher pressure. The bigger the spacer, the stronger the ending-stroke ramp will be.

  2. What if my shock already has a volume spacer in it?
    Many shocks come with a volume spacer already installed from the factory, which is tuned to suit that particular bike, for their estimation of an average rider. Usually, that configuration is reasonably appropriate for a lot of riders. However, if you've purchased a shock aftermarket, swapped it from a different bike, or upgraded to a Corset air sleeve, you will quite likely wish to play with the air volume.

  3. My shock has too much sag if I set it up to be able to get full travel, what do I do?
    Swap out your existing volume spacer for a smaller one - or if you have the smallest one already installed, remove it altogether. Combine this with a higher air pressure and you'll reduce sag as well as making sure you can still use the end of the travel. Adding a volume spacer alone will not have any significant effect on sag!

  4. My shock feels overly stiff but still bottoms out too easily, what do I do?
    Install a larger volume spacer and slightly decrease air pressure. This will increase ending-stroke ramp, but soften the first half of the stroke.

  5. I've just upgraded my stock air sleeve to a Corset, and there is a volume spacer already in my shock. Should I leave it there, or swap it for something else?
    It depends on your existing sleeve configuration. Check out the recommended starting points towards the bottom of our Corset Installation & Setup page - Click Here.

  6. Will these fit my Monarch/Cane Creek/non-Fox shock?
    Unfortunately not! They are however able to be thrown at the back of your annoying co-worker's head without inflicting too much damage.