DVO Suspension Emerald DH Fork


The big, bad Green Machine! The Emerald inverted DH fork, DVO's first entry to the MTB suspension market turned a few heads, and for good reason - distinctive looks and solid engineering design combined to make a truly unique fork.

  • Air spring with OTT (Off The Top) negative spring adjustment allows you to fine tune the spring curve to your liking. No problems running high or low pressure.
  • Open bath damper means plenty of oil, keeping everything well lubricated and reducing service intervals compared to lower oil volume forks
  • Shimmed compression and rebound valving for motocross inspired damping feel
  • Carbon Torsion Arch system reduces the torsional flex found in most inverted forks, by linking the stanchion guards into a single piece, carbon fibre structural element that ties the two legs together.
  • High and Low Speed Compression as well as a Rebound adjustment let you fine tune the ride characteristics
  • It looks f***ing cool!


Who's it best suited to?

The Emerald is well suited to anyone who does a lot of vert on their DH bike and wants something controlled, tunable, plush, low maintenance and easy to ride. At 3300g it's not the lightest fork out there, but if weight isn't your primary concern it's hard to look past!

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