Custom Valving & Tuning


Looking to get the most out of your ride? There’s simply no substitute for custom tuned, properly set-up suspension. We offer custom tuning and setup for a broad range forks and shocks currently on the market.

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Why should I get my suspension custom tuned?
Have you found your hands and arms getting excessively sore or fatigued? Wish your bike was more confidence inspiring? Having trouble holding a line on off-camber sections? Getting bucked off lips? Custom tuning your suspension allows you to identify and isolate all the on-trail issues you may be having, and eliminate or minimise them, whilst improving the aspects you already like. Common problems include excessive harshness, bucking or kicking off lips, excessive pitching/diving of the bike, lack of traction, a “dead” feeling, and excessive hand/arm fatigue – these are all symptoms of less-than-ideal suspension which custom tuning aims to improve.

Why choose Vorsprung?
We realise you have choices when it comes to your suspension – pulling bicycle bits apart isn’t rocket science after all! We offer fully engineered tunes, tested on the trail and in the lab, to leave nothing to chance. Precise measurements are taken with our Roehrig shock dyno, and mathematically optimised through our proprietary analytical techniques, to translate laboratory measurements into on-trail performance.

When you choose Vorsprung, you choose to put your pride and joy in the hands of experienced and fully qualified suspension engineers. We don’t rely on guesswork, but instead years of R&D, testing, analysis and direct comparison. 


What does custom tuning involve?
The primary aim of custom tuning is to improve your ride by optimizing your spring and damping rates, which involves modifying the valving characteristics of your damper(s) and  selecting the appropriate spring rates for your weight and riding style.

In doing so, we consider a number of subjective and objective parameters:
1. Type of riding
2. Rider weight
3. Rider ability & riding style
4. Frame leverage rate & ratio (for rear shocks)
5. Damper-specific characteristics
6. Rider-specific requests – if you’re looking to solve a specific problem, or achieve a specific characteristic outside the bounds of  traditional setups, we can work with you to deliver the result you’re looking for. Contact us for more information.

Tuning Options & Pricing:
We currently offer two levels of tuning.

Vorsprung S-spec Tunes:
For your fork or shock.

  • Included:  

  • Complete disassembly and inspection of your fork or shock
  • Full service of your fork or shock including replacement of seals
  • Advanced wheel rate analysis (rear shocks only) using our proprietary techniques
  • Personalized revalving of compression circuits
  • Personalized revalving of rebound stack
  • Tuned spring rate curve (applicable models only, extra charges may apply if additional parts required) - Spring rate or air pressure recommendation
  • Recommended baseline settings for your external compression and rebound adjusters
    Competitive Advantage: Tuned spring, compression and rebound characteristics for superior suspension response as well as improved balance,  handling and stability characteristics.

S-spec tuning starts from $210. For a more precise quote, contact us!

Vorsprung R-spec Tunes: 
For your whole bike.

  • Everything the full S-spec Tune includes for both your fork and shock. 
  • Front/rear balance analysis to create a stable, balanced ride with both front and rear ends of your bike working in harmony.
  • We also include before-and-after dyno measurements of your dampers at rider settings and recommended settings,  including a print-out for you to keep, showing you exactly what we’ve changed.
    Competitive Advantage: The most thoroughly engineered custom tuning available, that considers the whole bike/rider system to create a balanced, effective ride.

All our tuning work includes a full overhaul and oil seals for your fork and/or shock. Replacement springs or upgrade components, should you need them, are an additional cost. If you are unsure about what your custom tuning service includes, requires or costs, or you’d like to know more about which tuning option is best suited for you, contact us.

R-Spec tuning prices start from $415. For a more precise quote, contact us!

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