The Tuesday Tune Ep 18 - Setup for Pros vs Setup for Mere Mortals Posted on 2 Dec 06:00 , 11 comments

We've brought bike park destroyer Remy Metailler in to the Vorsprung Suspension workshop to discuss setup, and the differences in setup priorities for pro riders like Remy compared to the rest of us mere mortals.

Remy is one of the most precise riders out there when it comes to consistency and specificity in suspension setup and feedback, which is why we have worked closely with him over the years. Unlike many people, he's definitely the kind of rider who'll make changes to his setup very frequently according to the specific demands of his riding on that day, which requires both a methodical approach and the ability to trust your own perception of what works well for you.

Like many pro riders, Remy's aggressive riding means that a lot of thought needs to go into the compromises between the compliance that gives comfort and traction, and the support necessary to hold up on steep terrain and big hits without destabilising (or damaging) the bike.

The focal point of this video is this: The common point of all suspension setup—where every single rider, from the novice to the pro, is in the same boat and needs to make the same decisions—is working out where your priorities lie and what constitutes an acceptable compromise to you. As an (unrealistic and extreme) example of compromise—anyone who wants literally zero fork dive is looking for a rigid fork (or a linkage fork!), which obviously isn't going to do much for bump absorption. Conversely, if you want to be able to plow through braking bumps all day without feeling like your hands are arthritic, you might find that the setup you need in order to achieve that feels a bit soft in other situations. 

Working out your priorities is often a matter of taking note of what bothers you most with your current setup and addressing that. Sometimes, improving a factor you're already satisfied with doesn't improve the perceived ride quality much, whereas addressing deficiencies always does.

In this video we touch on a few subjects relating back to a couple of our previous videos (particularly The Concept of Correct Setup and Less Obvious Aspects of Sag) to explore some of the nuances of setup, particularly when it comes to figuring out your own ideal setup.

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– Steve