Specialized Enduro & Trek DRCV specific Corset air sleeves Posted on 28 May 23:58 , 0 comments

We're stoked to announce some surprising news!

By "surprising" I mean this is surprising pretty well nobody, we have a couple of model-specific Corset sleeves in the works, for Trek DRCV bikes and for the Specialized Enduro. Why? Let's take a look.

A stock RP-series Float (left) and a Trek-specific DRCV-type Float (right).
Image credit: www.ride-bikes.com


The need for a separate DRCV Corset is simple - DRCV shocks don't use standard Fox air sleeves. They need their own specific sleeves, which we're working on. Still in the testing phase, no ETA just yet.

The Specialized Enduro is a bit more of a strange one - don't we already have a sleeve to fit that? Well yes, we do, but there are a few factors that complicate that, and customer feedback has shown us that quite a few customers are running out of room to increase pressure to the degree that they need to in order to achieve reasonable sag and spring rate levels. Why is this?

Specialized Enduro 2010-2012 frame. High leverage and low air compression ratio need a specific air sleeve.
Image credit: www.ride198.com

1. The Enduros use odd shock sizes. While one model did run a true 8.5x2.5, most models use shocks that are essentially an 8.5 x 2.5 length shock with a spacer inserted so that they bottom out prematurely (at 2.125" or 2.25" depending on your model).
2. Because of this, the effective compression ratio (of the air volume) is lower than a standard 8.5 x 2.5 shock. This means that air pressure does not build up to what it needs to be at the end of the stroke. This raises the pressures required, and most Enduro owners will note that they typically run higher air pressures on those frames than on other frames.
3. Since the equalisation point (the point at which air can move between the positive and negative chambers) is set further into the stroke, where it needs to be for 2.5" stroke shocks, it creates a particularly soft initial stroke for a 2.125" or 2.25" stroke. This again raises the pressures required.
4. Because the Enduros get long travel out of a relatively short stroke, they have a high leverage rate which means they need a stiff spring rate at the shock in order to get a reasonable spring rate at the wheel. Once again this raises the pressures required.

Due to all those factors, we've developed a true Enduro specific sleeve (yep, the term "Enduro specific"just got used entirely seriously!). It accounts for all the above factors and delivers the performance you expect from the Corset.

I know what you're thinking - "Hang on, I just bought one of those sleeves to upgrade my bike, and now you're telling me I need ANOTHER one to fix that one? WTF?!"

And that's entirely reasonable. If you've already bought a Corset for your Enduro and aren't happy with the results (though for lighter riders, the existing sleeve actually works very well - if you're under 160lbs it's very good), contact us and we'll happily exchange it for a new Enduro-specific Corset for no charge other than shipping. Fair? Fair.