Vorsprung Suspension's Whistler workshop of wizardry reopening for servicing April 20th! Posted on 9 Apr 00:57 , 0 comments

Vorsprung Suspension is stoked to announce we'll be back on deck April 20th for servicing work! This is prime time to get your forks, shocks and dropper posts sorted before the bike park opens and summer really hits! 

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At Vorsprung, we're also committed to keeping your downtime minimised.

To help us do that, we've implemented an online booking system for suspension servicing, that tells you immediately how far ahead we're booked and when the next available appointment is. Returning customers will be well aware that we frequently get booked out for quite a while in advance - get in quick to make sure your place is reserved.

This also gives you price estimates for most servicing we do (unless other parts are needed for repair), including specific fork services, shock services and dropper post services. Because we try to be transparent about pricing, all the prices listed also INCLUDE tax. Of course, we understand that every job is a bit different and that you may want other things done to your fork, shock or dropper post, or you may have a fork or shock that isn't in the list yet - that's fine, these prices are estimates based on standard full service procedures, just select "Fork/Shock Service - Other" if you're not sure what you need. What we really want to do is help you get back on the bike with minimal fuss by making sure we can get your forks, shocks and dropper posts serviced and back in your hands as quickly as possible. 

Click the button below and try out our online booking system now:

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If you're wanting to purchase a Corset air sleeve too, we can of course install that for you - no labour surcharge if you're getting a shock service of any kind.

Got questions? Not sure what you need? Email steve at vorsprungsuspension.com and Steve will do his absolute best to both get back to you in a timely manner, and to continue referring to himself in the third person (he's a bit strange like that).